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Email Marketing

Email marketing can be used by brands to keep their audience engaged, promote content, build trust and nurture contacts into becoming customers.

But it’s important to get email marketing right. Almost all of us are inundated with emails we don’t want to receive. Often, this is because our details have been purchased by someone who shouldn’t be emailing us. Other times we’ve handed over our emails willingly but didn’t realise we’d get a sales email every day.

But aside from the noise you don’t want to hear, there are those few brands that send you something that’s genuinely of interest. These are the brands doing email marketing right.

And that’s what we do our clients. We work with you to create the right campaign for your customer base.

Factors we consider




List segmentation




Data analysis

All these areas need careful consideration if you’re going to maintain a healthy contact database and send emails that will be successfully delivered, opened and clicked. By taking this approach, you can nurture a contact through the buyer’s journey and into a customer.

So speak to us today about how we can help with your email marketing.

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